Turn your iPhone in to a Blood Pressure Monitor

31 Jul

The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is a cool device that turns your iPhone/iPod/iPad into a Blood Pressure Monitor. The cuff can be carried anywhere you go, making the monitor (iOS device + cuff) portable. This way you don’t have to stay home to take your Blood Pressure measurements. Our Smart Phones keeps getting smarter 😀 I wouldn’t be surprised in the near future when all medical tests that you run in a lab/clinic, can be run at home with a simple attachment device.

One aspect I really like about the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is that it can be integrated with other health and fitness apps through their SDK. Information of lifestyle, fitness in additioin to Blood Pressure readings and weight can help doctors better diagnose the condition and suggest treatment plans. We have started work on integrating the Withings SDK with SmartBP. To learn more about this device, click here.

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